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Happy Birthday Max!
This special gift goes to :iconmaxwell-kraft: who just had a birthday not long ago.  I happen to make this at  the last minute. So, I’m really sorry again about that. And I hope you love this Animated gif I made for you. The artwork was done by me playing  Mario Paint Video game on the Super Nintendo.  Everything else including the happy birthday text was edited in MS Paint and  Microsoft GIF Animator. So, I hope you like it! It’s an animation of you (your Animaniacs OC) and Mark Goofball (My Animaniacs OC) Happy Belated Birthday!! ^-^ Love :happybounce: Clap Hug I am a dummy! :D (Big Grin) Sini Birthday MenInASuitcase 

Maxwell © :iconmaxwell-kraft:

Mark Goofball and my Artwork © :icontigerstar2000:

Animaniacs © WB
Mark and Belly Button Brandon portrait by Tigerstar2000
Mark and Belly Button Brandon portrait
This picture is shown to be an old portrait of Mark Goofball (My Animaniacs OC) and Belly Button Brandon (  :iconbellybuttonbrandon:  's Animaniacs OC ) sitting at a table playing a game of Jenga. I bet Mark and  Belly button Brandon is having fun playing together. So I hope you like this BellyButtonBrandon! ^-^ And thank you for giving me permission to make something nice for you!! ^-^ Hug 

B-B Brandon (C) :iconbellybuttonbrandon:

Mark G. and artwork (C)   :icontigerstar2000:
BIG Belly Brandon by Tigerstar2000
BIG Belly Brandon
This art is for :iconbellybuttonbrandon: again. ^-^ This picture shows that belly button brandon is portrayed to be a Animaniacs OC who somewhat jolly, silly, and has a childlike personality. There's also some kind of a running gag with Brandon that his belly button (potbelly) is always showing. So as a comical joke, I drew his belly sticking out while his button popped out of his pants. And I also made the belt strap loosing due to his big potbelly. So I hope he really likes it. Because I know He wanted to see that I addressed that gag in my drawing of him. ^-^ Giggle Hug Nod Love :D (Big Grin) 

BellyButtonBrandon (C) 

Art by :icontigerstar2000: 


Painter/Cartoon & Anime artist
United States
I love Drawing and Painting. I always have been since childhood. Every time I sketch and color paint a picture, I shows it to people including my family of how great and talented I really am. Not only that, but I also enjoy making comics and children’s books such as writing stories and creating my very own characters. I like American cartoons but I have a really big interest in Anime and Manga (Japanese cartoons)!! Back then, I had a hobby of making a short Fan comic based on an Anime show I watched on TV such as Dragonball Z and Tenchi Muyo and others. Up until right now, I realized and found myself having a dream of wanting to become a Manga Artist! Becoming a Manga Artist is my dream, i love drawing anime. I love anime. I always have a passion of making my own original manga(comics) so that I can show off my work to people at a convention or even comic book stores and so on. It may be challenging but I won’t give up. I’ll never loose sight. I’ll keep following the path. And make my dream come true. ^-^

Thank you all for your support. Live free and create hard! ^-^


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Favourite genre of music: Mostly Any Music.
Favourite photographer: Don't have one. I guess...
Favourite style of art: Any will do!!
Favourite Anime character: Goku, Vegeta (DBZ) Arale, Gatchan, Obatchaman (Dr. Slump)
There was someone that goes by the name of BallIsLifeBruh.( :iconballislifebruh:) That person recently had his or her account open. So the person happened to see one of my RED JINX comic book pages and commented: I'M STEALING THIS! I was about to say something to that person but it turns out he or she already stole my RED JINX comic page 16.…

After that, his or her account was deactivated along with the comment that was typed (now is flagged as spam)!! I feel upset now because This is my first time experiencing art thieves. and I was wondering if you guys have any clues on helping me take care of that problem? Is there a way I can somehow catch that art thief? Please let me know immediately. 

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Hey, how are you doin', buddy? :aww:
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Hi there! Sorry I took so long to reply back. Things were a little busy but I'm alright now! ^-^

How about yourself? ^-^
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I'm doing quite well, thanks! Been working on a lot of art recently. ;)
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Well, If you like another art request, feel free to let me know. and I'll try to find the time to draw one for you. ^-^

Oh, and by the way, I just had my birthday the 1st of November. Sorry, I guess I should've told you sooner.
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Just in case you didn't know.
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Cool gallery, keep it up friend! :)
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Thank you! I'm glad to know you're interested in my art. And thank you also for the invitation to the :iconartswithmeaning: Group! I promise not to let you down. ^-^ :D (Big Grin) Hug 
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